Red Mill Pond will be lowered during February

This is a reminder that Red Mill Pond will be lowered during February:

Red Mill Pond Notice (Dated: November 20, 2023)

“Please be advised of an upcoming scheduled maintenance period for Red Mill Pond. The scheduled maintenance period will temporarily lower water to a significantly low level in the pond to give communities and property owners the opportunity to schedule repairs, new construction and any other maintenance of their property, bulkheads, pier(s) and dock(s).

The scheduled maintenance period will begin the first week in February, 2024. The water levels will begin to rise after the conclusion of the maintenance period at the end of February.

If you are receiving this notice addressed to your HOA, it has not been mailed to individual property owners in your community. Please share with any members who would have an interest in the information.

Thank you,

CJ Ventures, LLC”

Annual Edgewater Estates Community Yard Sale
Yard sale date- Saturday, April 27th 2024  (Rain date: 4/28/24)

*We will now be holding our annual yard sale on the 4th Saturday of every April, so that the Edgewater Estates yard sale will take place on the same weekends as our neighboring communities.

Annual Property Owners Meeting
2024 HOA Meeting- Saturday, October 19th 2024
 at 10am
Location: TBA (either the Lewes Public Library or St. Peter’s Community Hall)

*We encourage property owners to attend in person, so that you can vote. But we will be offering a Zoom link, as well, for remote attendance.